Alex began doing improv in Austin, TX with the Hideout Theatre before studying at UCB in Los Angeles.

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Was legit in a black mirror convo
Tech CEO who doesn’t know what his company does yet
Just had ‘the talk’ with my son
I talk to my son about taking d*ck pics
I was actually part of the Imagine video
Huge tip for all TBDads - Can’t believe I didn’t know this already
Russia takes responsibility for Facebook and Instagram going down
How to handle jealousy
The time I saved a tv show from getting cancelled
I call Apple Support cuz something’s wrong with my phone
My SNL Audition to introduce tonight’s musical guest Halsey
As the husband of a union makeup artist, I have NO idea why IATSE is striking - things are great!

The time I had to hit 5k followers on twitter before my wife could go into labor

We get the chilling news from the baby doctor
We get a 2nd opinion from another doctor
Lauren’s side of the story
I reach out to a social media influencer for help hitting 5k

I teach baby how to hustle how to grind

Teaching my baby how to roll over with a hustle and grind mindset
Sharing words of wisdom with my baby about creating your brand
Teaching the baby an important lesson about strength at the doctors

I read my wife Lauren my tweets

I read Lauren my hilarious Labor Day tweet
Eat Pray Fuck

I read my wife Lauren my tweets

The time I said “holes” in the movie Holes
Lion King